Battle Creek Limo

Battle Creek Restaurants, Clubs and Bars

Arcadia Brewing Company

103 Michigan Ave W
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 963-9690

Arcadia is known across the country as one of the finest micro breweries around. With other companies such as Bell's New Holland, Founder's and more located in South West Michigan, the fact that Arcadia stands out amongst them is a sentiment in and of it's self. There brewery here in Battle Creek, is an excellent location to stop in to enjoy excellent and fresh brews, as well as a series of American style pub food this is unique and delicious.

Malia Mediterranean Bistro

34 W Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 441-2900

Malia should be you primary, and only choice if you're looking for a unique fine dining experience. It's a very classy place that has a very upscale ambiance that is only enhanced by the dressiness of everyone there. The type of food they serve is Mediterranean cuisine that is prepared to perfection and served by a highly professional waitstaff that is there to make sure your experience here is unforgettable. They're also quick with offering you a good wine paring for your meal.

Finley’s American Restaurant

140 Columbia Ave E
Battle Creek, MI 49015
(269) 968-3938

Even with its limited menu, Finley's is one of the best paces to visit in Battle creek. They offer an excellent array of local beers that are delicious and craft, served with a very nice array of American/ Italian cuisine. The service here is designed to be absolutely amazing, and designed to give you the most for your money. Wait times are also very short even when its busy.

Cricket Club

36 Michigan Ave W
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 963-2725

Cricket is one of the most favored bars in the Battle Creek area, and a great place to get an awesome drink. There beer selection is extraordinary with 50+ beers on tap, most of which are craft local brews from around Michigan. The atmosphere is amazing and completed by the fine design of the bar, clearly made with utmost attention to detail. The bar offers both live performances and a DJ that plays plenty of alternative music from all kinds of genres.

Griffin Grill & Pub

38 W Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 965-7206

The Griffin Grill & Pub offers you just that. An excellent grill that serves great twists on unique American style dishes such as Blackened Salmon salad as well as various wings and burgers all at low costs while brimming with deliciousness. As well as a pub that holds a very wide selection beers that are brewed in the surrounding Michigan areas. Of course it is a pub, so if you want a stronger drink, the bar can provide that for you as well.